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اتفاقيّة تعاون لإنشاء صندوق فؤاد ومي مخزومي للمنح الدراسيّة

Makassed President Dr. Faisal Sinno inked an agreement with Makhzoumi Foundation Honorary President MP Fouad Makhzoumi to establish the “Fouad and May Makhzoumi Scholarship Fund”. The Makhzoumi Foundation will offer financial aid to vulnerable families of Makassed students, pumping LL500, 000,000 per year over a period of three years. The signing ceremony was attended by […]

جمعيّة المقاصد تعيد تأهيل عدد من مدارسها

Ahead of the new academic year, Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut completed the renovation of its schools in Beirut. “This project is in line with the will of the Association to provide [its community] with the best services, particularly in the education sector”, announced Makassed in a statement. The rehabilitation and development works include […]

إطلاق حقيبة " نُور دربي"

Makassed Learning Abilities Center launched “Nour Darbi” educational resource for the second grade in the presence of Makassed President Dr. Faisal Sinno and the Director General of Education, Dr. Ghina Al Badawi Hafez. Islamic Education teacher Mrs. Sara Hassounah developed the educational resource designed to bridge the gap between different learning abilities, taking into account […]

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