Exceptional Schools, Students Raise Makassed Flag High

Makassed’s main focus is ensuring that each student can reach his or her greatest potential in the areas of cultural and technological knowledge and physical fitness.

The schools aspire to help students broaden their capacities and acquire new interests and skills, thus enhancing their talents.

Our schools and students secured a number of awards and new accreditations, confirming Makassed’s pioneer role in shaping the future of outstanding generations.

  1. Implementation of “The Leader in Me” Program

Khaled Bin Al Walid College collaborated with “Starmanship” company to implement “The Leader in Me” program in elementary levels.

The program, based on several educational models including the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, seeks to enrich the experience of each student, equipping him/her with the required 21st century skills of success and leadership.

  • “Genius Map” Development Program

The International Genius Map is a worldwide known and powerful brain development program that helps children develop their mental power at an early age, which prompted Khaled Bin Al Walid College to cooperate with the institution to develop its students’ creative thinking and improve their self-esteem.

The school established a student’s club that adopts this program to inspire students to think, learn, improve self-esteem and achieve success to provide a learning environment that promotes cognitive and emotional development.

Khaled Naja, a fifth grade student, took part in a competition related to this program, where he ranked second among 650 competitors, paving way for him to qualify for the national competition.

  • Dance by CLES

The National Dance Institute – New York (NDI) implemented Dance by CLES program for fifth graders at Khaled Bin Al Walid College, with the collaboration of the NGO CLES Lebanese Center for Special Education, which helps children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD).

The program aims at promoting students’ self-esteem and expressing emotions through postures, gestures and rhythmic movements.

  • Third Rank in “Global Enterprise Challenge”

Ali Bin Abi Taleb College students qualified to take part in Microsoft’s Global Enterprise Challenge that aims at developing students’ technological, problem solving and decision-making skills.

Khaled Bakri, Sabine Bakhsh, Karim Mabeed, Yara Younes and Dana Moumneh ranked third in a competition that saw the participation of 1,600 students from 230 schools across the globe. They designed and implemented an educational and leisure program for students with special needs and educational difficulties, setting the program’s budget, marketing and sale plans.

  • Bronze medal at iENA 2019

Ahmad Rashidi, a tenth grade student at Omar Bin Al Khattab College, received the bronze medal for his “Styrolime Glue” project at iENA Numberg International Fair.

Rashidi qualified to take part in the fair after securing the gold medal at the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) 2018 exhibition.

Mrs. Nehmat Khalil, the project’s supervisor, also received the HAG-AWARD German Special Prize.

  • Omar Bin Al Khattab College accredited Microsoft Showcase School

Omar Bin Al Khattab College was accredited the Microsoft Showcase School, a global community of schools working on transforming education and integrate technology into their classrooms, building and lessons.

The school’s three-year strategic planning will include staff training on productive tools that would facilitate the accomplishment of their duties in a systematic manner.

  • The first rank at ALECSO Competition

Lebanon secured the first rank at the ALECSO Olympics Competition, which aims at enhancing the capabilities of the Arab child in scientific research and methodologies.

Rein Halabi, from Makassed Ali Bin Abi Taleb College, together with two students from other Lebanese schools, represented Lebanon in the competition.

Halabi also secured the silver and bronze medals in verbal and written competitions at the competition.

The three students had qualified in the ALECSO Olympics thanks to outstanding results at the National Scientific Research Competition, organized by the Center for Educational Research and Development.

The competition held in Cairo saw the participation of 33 students hailing from 10 Arab countries:  Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Palestine, Libya, Egypt and Yemen.

  • Five Awards at the World Education Robot Contest in China

The Lebanese team won five awards at the World Education Robot Contest in China, with three Ali Bin Abi Taleb students in the delegation representing Makassed schools.

The initiative is supported by Makhzoumi Foundation in partnership with The Little Engineer.

The awards are:

  1. The Outstanding Educational Institution for Robotic Science;
  2. Four silver medals, Brick Series 3+4 category, for the Middle East region;
  3. The second place cup for teams representing the Middle East region;
  4. The Outstanding Contribution Award;
  5. The Best Organizing Committee for WER Competition.
  • Nine Makassed Schools Awarded the 2019-2020 ISA Accreditation

The British Council awarded six Makassed schools the International School Award (ISA) 2019-2020, a prestigious badge of honor for schools that can bring an international dimension to teaching and learning.

Accredited schools are: Aicha Umm Al Muamenine, Makassed Qob Elias Elementary, Makassed Aramoun School, Makassed Marj Intermediate School, Omar Bin Al Khattab College and Khadija El Kobra College.

David Knox, Director of British Council Lebanon, handed the awards to the directors of Makassed Schools in presence of representatives from the Ministry of Education & Higher Education.

Ms. Sahar Shaar, Ms. Nada Hammoud, Ms. Randa Basho, Ms. Asaad Dalnak, Ms. Nabiha Karanouh and Ms. May Tafesh coordinated the project and were handed certificates for their efforts exerted to ensure the success of the project. 

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